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Lectroni inverter 6.2KW Cool/ 6.3KW Heat

LSAC-61V3A-WS1-480x480  1
Make :                                   Lectroni
Type :                                    Inverter/Reverse Cycle
Capacity :                            6.2KW Cool/6.3KW Heat
Model :                                 LSAC-61V3A-WS
Price :                                    $999.00  (Product + Installation)

Stay cool and comfortable with an Lectroni window wall air conditioner. Offering the ultimate in convenience, our window air conditioners are easy to install and can quickly be removed when not in use

Lectroni split air conditioners,

Lectroni Air Conditioners are designed with latest technology and comes with wide array of features providing a comfortable cooling solution throughout the year. Lectroni air conditioners comes Inverter technology causing less noise and keeps indoor constantly quiet. We bring you Turbo comfortable functions for rapid cooling  and  save your energy by 50% than conventional systems.