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Lectroni inverter 6.2KW Cool/ 6.3KW Heat

LSAC-61V3A-WS1-480x480  1
Make :                                   Lectroni
Type :                                    Inverter/Reverse Cycle
Capacity :                            6.2KW Cool/6.3KW Heat
Model :                                 LSAC-61V3A-WS
Price :                                    $1649.00  (Product + Installation)

split air conditioner, Lectroni Air Conditioner are the best with Australian Standards approvals, the Air Conditioners are turbo-charged, super compact, extremely quiet to run and looks great in any room. Thanks to its innovative air distribution system, don’t spend thousands on an air conditioner, Lectroni Air Conditioners are the best air conditioners in the Aussie Market direct to the consumers for excellent value and best quality cooling. Featuring 6.2KW of cooling power, The Lectroni Air Conditioner is perfect for rooms, It guarantees a new level of comfort and features auto and sleep functions, adjustable louvers, 12 hour timer easy read LED and remote control with housing compartment on unit.